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I need to extract the extract this string as 2 document example   test(s): testing one is example and the other is testing ...please tell me how can i extract it...

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You can use String.split() method to split the function to split words from sentence.


String sentence = "example tests(s): testing";
String[] words = sentence.split(" ");

for (String word: words) {

Found the example here:

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Generally, you want to first come up with a pattern to match your input. Once you do that, and if the pattern doesn't do it already, simply put (...) brackets around the pattern that matches the part you're interested in. This creates what is called capturing groups.

With java.util.regex.Matcher, you can get what each group captured using the group(int) method.



Given this test string:

i have 35 dogs, 16 cats and 10 elephants

Then (\d+) (cats|dogs) yields 2 match results (see on

  • Result 1: 35 dogs
    • Group 1 captures 35
    • Group 2 captures dogs
  • Result 2: 16 cats
    • Group 1 captures 16
    • Group 2 captures cats
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