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(Relative beginner here, please be gentle...)

I've got a Scala program that I can build with sbt. I can (from within sbt) run compile and test-compile with no errors. I've defined a package by putting package com.mycompany.mypackagename at the top of several .scala files. When I do console to get a Scala REPL, this happens:

scala> import com.mycompany.mypackagename._     
<console>:5: error: value mypackagename is not a member of package com.mycompany
       import com.mycompany.mypackagename._

Any variation of this also fails. When I just do import com.mycompany I get no problems.

I thought that running the Scala console from within sbt would properly set the classpath based on the current projects? What (completely obvious) thing am I missing?

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Oy. It appears to have been caused by some unknown wonkiness with the compiler, such that "clean" in sbt caused the problem to go away. So confused... – Harlan Aug 10 '10 at 20:47

I ran into this same problem, and then I realized I was running scala 2.10.0 on commandline, and IDEA was using Scala 2.9.2. So the fix was to change both to use the same version, and:

sbt clean
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What will happen if you import actual class name instead of wildcard.

import com.mycompany.mypackagename.ActualClassName
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