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I am trying to get the text of a ToolStripMenuItem as if it has been rendered for drawing.

If I have this:

var ts = new ToolStripMenuItem("&New File...");

I want to get "New File...", and there does not seem to be a property to get this information.

I had a look through the TextRenderer and ToolStripRenderer classes in Reflector, and eventually found that it passes the string to an unmanaged function that renders the text to a graphics object.

Does any one know of a built in way of getting the rendered string, or should i just roll my own that handles the & (and && etc)?

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Are you asking how to remove the '&' characters? Can't you just do something like:

ts.Text.Replace("&", string.Empty);
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No &New would underline the N, so your code would work for that, however if a menu item has this Health && Safety it would render to Health & Safety. Like i said i can write a method, i was hoping there was a framework method for it. –  Pondidum Aug 11 '10 at 14:34

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