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I have a UITextField where the keyboard that pops up has its Shift key disabled. The keyboard type is set to UIKeyboardTypeNamePhonePad, which seems like it should allow capitals.

If I change the keyboard type to "default" but leave other settings alone, the Shift key is active. The other settings are:

  • autocapitalization and autocorrection off
  • default appearance
  • return key "done"

I'm running iPhone OS 2.2.

Has anyone seen this? I don't understand why the "name phone pad" type would disable the Shift key.

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I'm not sure what the logic behind this decision was, but it does not look like there is a way to enable the shift key on this keyboard. I played around with this myself for a while, and found this post that seems to agree. You may need to use the default keyboard and filter out any symbols you don't want (not ideal UI, but easy to do), or create a custom keyboard (example)

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