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Not sure what this means and why... I got the undefined method error when I try to go to http://localhost:3000/forums, and after I generate my first forum.

ActionView::TemplateError (undefined method `topics_path' for #<ActionView::Base:0x10319f2e0>) on line #25 of app/views/forums/index.html.erb:

The area of code the error refers to is: -

<!-- First column will be the forum name-->
<div class="forumname">
  <%= link_to, topics_path(forum) -%>

The relevant section of the route.rb file is: -

map.resources :forums do |forum|
  forum.resources :topics do |topic|
    topic.resources :posts
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You have topics nested under forums in your routes, so your url helper will be forum_topics_path(forum, topic). Notice you have to pass the forum and topic both to the helper.

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Awesome, yep that worked. I actually had to change that to "forum_topic_path(forum)", but the nested route comment helped me in the right direction. –  mrbernz Aug 11 '10 at 6:16

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