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Can you guys tell me is there any good, kind of a sample app where you can try all those easing functions with different parameters and see the changes?

I mean there are two actual reasons why I can't built myself one:

  • I simply don't have time
  • I am a damn stupid indolent guy who needs to indulge his laziness
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Indolence rules! – Robaticus Aug 11 '10 at 0:57
You're right. Only because and thanks to indolent nature of humankind we do have Internet, Large Hadron Collider and big spill in Mexican Gulf... – Agzam Aug 11 '10 at 2:12
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Matthew MacDonald tells about a very good example:

in his book Windows Presentation Foundation in .Net 4

Pretty good though...

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You can preview most/all of them in Expression Blend, can't you?

Not exactly a sample app, but most of the easing functions would really depend on what you're animating, wouldn't they? So it'd be easiest to just see them on your code in a designer environment?

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