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I followed this article: How to: Implement Two-Way Communication Between DHTML Code and Client Application Code

Based on this example, I can establish the communication between DHTML and Client code. Now if I introduce a master page, none of the communications work. Are there different rules when Master Pages are used?

I also looked at this: How to add startup JavaScript code from Content Page to Master Page

The reason I am experimenting is that I have a gridview control and when user clicks on each row in the grid view control, in the OnrowCommand of grid view control, i want to raise the event to communicate with the client application code

Resolved: This helped me: Call JavaScript via ScriptManager in C#

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if it is resolved, can you write an answer to your own question? That way it can be upvoted, to avoid it stays in the unanswered list. –  Wimmel Dec 6 '08 at 9:02
Wimmel: will do so. I didn't know what the protocol was if the person who asked the question found the solution. –  user38230 Dec 6 '08 at 14:05

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