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Android Device Chooser — device not showing up

Does anybody have an idea what I may be doing wrong. I have installed the usb drivers and have my device running in debugging mode but when I run my basic hello world application through eclipse my device wont show up in the device chooser. I have also tried re installing the sdk and all the drivers and still no luck. Thanks to anybody that can help me out

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I had this problem (on Linux). Running 'adb start-server' manually as root solved it for me.

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my nexus one does this to me sometimes. I have to toggle debug mode on the phone off/on and sometimes I even have to reboot the phone to fix it. Usually when this happens I type

adb devices

My phone will actually show up in the list but say 'offline'

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This problem comes up often. Restarting the ADB server solves this problem most of the times.

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How does one restart the ADB server? –  Ciaran Gallagher Mar 30 '13 at 17:47

I had the same problem. Although it was working fine for a long time it suddenly sopped working. I tried to reinstall driver, reboot phone, pc, restart adb server etc but nothing worked. At the end I was able to fix it by going to device manager -> properties -> update driver! I wonder why reinstalling driver didn't solve.

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