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Just want to simplify the form.

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You can change the ticket template (/usr/share/pyshared/trac/ticket/templates/ticket.html on Debian-based systems) directly. I have made the following changes in our Trac installation.

--- a/trunk/trac/usr-share-pyshared-trac-ticket-templates-ticket.html
+++ b/trunk/trac/usr-share-pyshared-trac-ticket-templates-ticket.html
@@ -266,5 +266,7 @@
-                <tr py:for="row in group(fields, 2, lambda f: f.type != 'textarea')"
+                <!--! Do not show Remaining or Owner field when creating a ticket. -->
+                <tr py:for="row in group(filter(lambda f: ticket.exists or != 'owner' and != 'estimatedhours',fields), 2, lambda f: f.type != 'textarea')"
                     py:if="can_modify or can_create"
                     py:with="fullrow = len(row) == 1">

as well as putting the Description field first (but that is a longer story).

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Ideally, you should override the template, instead of changing Trac's core template files. To do that, just copy the original ticket.html to the templates directory of your trac environment and change it to your liking. – Filipe Correia Mar 21 '13 at 12:06

You want the Simple Ticket Plugin. I'm not sure if it works with 0.12 or not since the tags for it only go through 0.11, but it's worth trying.

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