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If two kernel module contain EXPORT_SYMBOL(a), a is defined as: int a, what will happen if two module was inserted? which "a" will be used?

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I would hope the compile of the kernel fails with a duplicate error. – stsquad Aug 11 '10 at 11:38
You should consider selecting an answer as correct. You know, be a good stackoverflow citizen. – Noah Watkins Aug 23 '10 at 14:40
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You can't insert duplicate symbols into the kernel. Example:

The xor module loaded in my kernel

nwatkins@kyoto:~$ lsmod | grep xor
xor                     4685  1 async_xor

The exported xor_blocks symbol in the xor module

nwatkins@kyoto:~$ nm /lib/modules/2.6.32-24-generic/kernel/crypto/xor.ko  | grep xor_blocks
0000000000000000 r __kcrctab_xor_blocks
0000000000000000 r __kstrtab_xor_blocks
0000000000000000 r __ksymtab_xor_blocks
0000000000000bb0 T xor_blocks

Another exported xor_blocks symbol in a module I created

nwatkins@kyoto:~$ nm mod-t1.ko  | grep xor
0000000000000000 r __kcrctab_xor_blocks
0000000000000000 r __kstrtab_xor_blocks
0000000000000000 r __ksymtab_xor_blocks
0000000000000000 T xor_blocks

Error reported from insmod

nwatkins@kyoto:~$ sudo insmod mod-t1.ko 
insmod: error inserting 'mod-t1.ko': -1 Invalid module format

Duplicate error message from dmesg

[422002.174033] mod_t1: exports duplicate symbol xor_blocks (owned by xor)
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