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Can I do this conversion with any programming language or library?

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Did you wind up settling on a process? Looking for a PHP solution myself. – Saiboogu Dec 24 '10 at 13:50
After try different programs, I think this is much better: Though it is not open source. – arsane Mar 24 '11 at 14:55
I think you are interested in this: – Jerry Jacobs May 6 '12 at 22:10

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The short answer is yes, it can be done in any programming language.

Basic steps:

  1. Convert your HTML to XHTML (+ CSS). This can be done in your program or through an XSLT file.
  2. Copy your files (XHTML, CSS, any images and fonts) into a directory structure that follows the format.
  3. Zip the directory structure up and name the archive with a ".epub" extension.

Some web sites to help you get started:

June 2015 Note: The epubcheck validator has moved from google code to GitHub; note the new URL.

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Calibre supports a wide variety of input formats, including HTML, and a wide variety of output formats, including EPUB, but it's not "a programming language or library". Are there specific reasons you desire a programming-based approach rather than a free-standing tool? If so, maybe Python and, for example, could help you.

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I want to automatise a process. – Juanjo Conti Aug 11 '10 at 3:08
calibre can be run from the command line – Mark May 16 '12 at 15:16
Agree..I've used it from the command line myself, integrated with some bash scripting. Good for small-ish books. My larger pubs created by Calibre never pass validation. – Paulb Nov 9 '13 at 18:35
Unfortunately Calibre does not support ePub 3.0. – arlomedia May 10 '14 at 10:06

Here's pdf to epub, I know that's not what you're after, but it's a start.

The calibre package may have what you want

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I am using the following library from Aspose -

In just two lines of code I am able to do html to epub conversions. Using this currently in a production system.

Document doc = new Document(_sourceFilePath);

doc.Save(_destinationFilePath, SaveFormat.Epub);

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A late reply, but I found the Python 3-based ebookmaker to be of value, at least after I contributed a pull request to remove a UTF-8 BOM. One problem with it appears to be that it uses brittle regular expressions to parse HTML, but I guess I'll have to report it there.

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I just started to implement such a tool in Java (OpenJDK compatible): html2epub. In order to get rid of manually editing the config file, I'll probably start a separate tool to generate the config file from any given directory (however, it would still be necessary to determine the order of the XHTMLs in the EPUB - for non-programmatical use, developing a GUI helper tool could be considered, for a fully flexible programmatical solution, I haven't come up with an idea yet). Before that, I implemented shell script based converters for custom XML input (hag2epub tools) - in case you're interested, I would probably port them to XHTML input (with a config file for the EPUB metadata or obtaining metadata from the topmost index.html of a directory, if existing).

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if you would license it under Apache 2.0 it would be way to go for many people, as its under AGPL i cannot use it. its pitty :( – To Kra Oct 14 at 7:00
Could you please tell me how the AGPL could possibly blocking you from using it? – skreutzer Oct 19 at 22:58
cannot use AGPL in commercial product – To Kra Oct 21 at 8:26
That's simply not true. To the contrary: being usable in a commercial context or as a commercial product is an important right free software grants its users, so does the AGPL too. – skreutzer Oct 22 at 20:31

I have the same issue previously, necause I want to read some webpage content offline on my iPad. I have no idea and I am not a computer savvy. There are calibre or stanza blabla....

But for me they are just formats converters and I need a ePub book creator which will allows me to combine many desired documents together to read. Then I found a bookish html to ePub converter, I save the html page from web then convert with it. It's a quite good tool for me now.

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Im working into the BPO company that deals in epub. We always use this epub zip software. You can download it here:

Just drag your folder to the icon and BOOM!!! you have epub file already in just 5 secs :)

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I'm sorry but this isn't a "programmatically" answer, which is what this site is all about. – dlamblin Jan 16 '13 at 3:05

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