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I wrote this function to get a subset of an array. Does php have a built in function for this. I can't find one in the docs. Seems like a waste if I'm reinventing the wheel.

function array_subset($array, $keys) {
    $result = array();
    foreach($keys as $key){
        $result[$key] = $array[$key];
    return $result;
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array_diff_key and array_intersect_key are probably what you want.

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The function names are singular. php.net/manual/en/ref.array.php PHP needs to clean up their naming conventions! –  Keyo Aug 11 '10 at 3:13
When you're mapping keys in an associative array to lookup table of values in a non-associative array, you can use array_flip on one argument to ensure that the intersection/diff is based on either both keys or both values, not a mix of one or the other. –  danronmoon Feb 26 '14 at 3:38

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