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I am little new to linq and was wondering how i can select the application in the following xml based on the application name using Extension Methods (not using the query expression)


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Assuming that by "the SQL way of selecting" you mean "using a query expression", let's start off with your query expression:

var v = from b in root.Descendants("application")
      where b.Element("name").Value.Trim().ToLower() == appName.Trim().ToLower()
      select b;

With extension methods, this would just be:

var v = root.Descendants("application")
            .Where(b => b.Element("name").Value.Trim().ToLower() ==

I would recommend against making case-insensitive comparisons this way though - it has cultural problems. Use something like this instead:

var v = root.Descendants("application")
            .Where(b => b.Element("name").Value.Trim().Equals(appName.Trim(),

(or one of the other StringComparison options - or an instance of StringComparer).

You might also want to trim appName once rather than for every comparison...

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That is a wonderful explanation. Thanks a lot. Edited my question also to frame it properly. – Amit Aug 11 '10 at 6:31

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