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I'm interesting with statistic and motivation of using task list in VS. Why are you use it or not? Some people i asked even want a tool, that can synchronize VS ToDo with Outlook. What do you think?

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IMO you can use Todos for:

  1. Remember that you must do something like "Todo: implement this interface"
  2. To mark a line/block of code as instruction for another coder if your are code in a team like "Todo: you can use foo instead of bar because ..."
  3. If you review your code you can mark any code that he can be improved like "Todo: use Linq instead of foreach"

You can replace the default tasklist-window from visual studio with plugins:

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Ok, so would you like to see those todo in Outlook? –  2j2e Aug 11 '10 at 10:36
Myself not. But Outlook has a tasklist and i think someone could be wish to see this todos in outlook. –  Floyd Aug 11 '10 at 11:03
I think the better way is to make an Visual Studion Todo Window Replacemend like this from genne-develop and make at each todo an syncoption option for sync with outlook tasklist and outlook calender. so you can spezifie a date at this the todo sould be processed. –  Floyd Aug 11 '10 at 11:05

I used TODO for two purposes:

  1. To mark enhancements that can be done at a later stage. So whenever, there is slack time, you can pick one of them out of your pending TODO list.
  2. Things that are still need to be done while I am coding - so that I can re-visit those places and fix them. This is something like bookmarks except they are visible to other folks even if I forgot to fix them.

I use TODO comment syntax - it's there in code and not in .suo file as mentioned by Benjol.

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One thing to be wary of about Task Lists in VS is that they are stored in the .suo file, which (I believe) most people tend to exclude from source control.

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I use TODO sparingly - only when I have something that I'm not the master of (something another team-member is working on etc.). I treat it as I treat bugs - max 5 at any time.

If I need scaffolding - I create temporary classes with Fake as a prefix in the class-name.

I guess, I don't want my production code to also act as my scrum-board/task-list.

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