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Shortcut for "Find Result 1" in Visual Studio?

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There's no predefined shortcut for that (at least in VS 2005) but just select Customize... from the Options menu, press the Keyboard... button and then create a suitable shortcut for View.FindResults1.

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Hotkeys for Visual Studio 2010 - Alt + vn1

If you don't feel like customizing your own shortcuts, or you use different environments where you can't always rely on your customization being present, you can always go the old school route of just navigating the menus via hotkeys.

For instance, in Visual Studio 2010, you can just type Alt + vn1.

  • Typing Alt + v opens up the "View" menu.
  • Typing n opens up the "Find Results" menu item in the View menu.
  • Typing 1 selects the "Find Results 1" menu item, thereby opening and setting focus to the "Find Results 1" window.
  • Likewise, Alt + vn2 opens up the "Find Results 2" window.

If you do this enough, it's like any other keyboard shortcut, and becomes second nature.


You can discover the hotkey shortcut to any menu item you need by just hitting Alt, and looking at the letters that are underlined in the menus. This applies to pretty much any windows program you will ever use.

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You can assign keyboard shortcuts as you please through Tools > Customize > keyboard.

In the show commands containing textbox type View.FindResults1.

In the Press shortcut keys textbox type in the shortcuts you want to add and then press the Assign button.

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