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I'm having a few integration issues. I have 2 models which need to be mapped so as to enable them to talk to the same table. So one model has a few attributes that are mapped to the corresponding columns in the table and likewise for the other model.

I've heard of aliasing, a technique that can be used. Help would be appreciated. Thanks !

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You create your two model and define the same table_name

  class ProjectComplete < ActiveRecord::Base
    set_table_name "projects"

  class ProjectLittle < ActiveRecord::Base
    set_table_name "projects"
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FYI, set_table_name is now a deprecated method, resulting in the following warning: "Calling set_table_name is deprecated. Please use self.table_name = 'the_name' instead." –  jpcamara Dec 4 '13 at 23:02

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