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i have 4 fields at DB.i set them become cant duplicate entry.They are:

1. Model     Varchar(14)     Unique
2. Serial    varchar(8)      Unique
3. Lot       varchar(5)      Unique
4. Line      char(5)         Unique

                    Model         Serial             Lot             Line
First data        remocon         x0001              033a            fa 01

and if i have inputed same data it can't recorded.

 remocon         x0001              033a            fa 01

but how to make this data success to input if i type like:

remocon        x0002        033a            fa 01

and i want the result like:

 Model         Serial             Lot             Line
remocon         x0001             033a            fa 01
remocon         x0002             033a            fa 01
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You need add unique constraint for all fields, not for each, i.e.

UNIQUE(Model, Serial, Lot, Line)


 Model     Varchar(14)     NOT NULL,
 Serial    varchar(8)      NOT NULL,
 Lot       varchar(5)      NOT NULL,
 Line      char(5)         NOT NULL,
 unique    (model, serial, lot, line) 


for existing table:

 alter table YourTableName drop index model;
 alter table YourTableName drop index serial;
 alter table YourTableName drop index lot;
 alter table YourTableName drop index line;
 alter table YourTableName add unique (model, serial, lot, line); 
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can i get the result like i want if i've been use this? – klox Aug 11 '10 at 7:44
@klox, Yes, UNIQUE(Model, Serial, Lot, Line) mean that combination of fields Model, Serial, Lot, Line must be unique in whole table, in your current design you can't have more than value per table for each column, i.e. can't add two models remocon - because this column must be unique, so remove unique constrain for each column and add unique constraint for table – Michael Pakhantsov Aug 11 '10 at 7:59
sorry i'm newbie..can you give me sql syntax completely for this case?because i still cant see the different between unique index and unique constraint..thanks – klox Aug 11 '10 at 8:55
@klox, added table definition – Michael Pakhantsov Aug 11 '10 at 9:23
how if using existing table? – klox Aug 11 '10 at 9:30

If you create a Unique constraint for each field, each field needs to have unique data. You need to create a UNIQUE with all the fields that can't be reapeated.

UNIQUE(Model, Serial, Lot, Line)

But if all your fields needs to be unique, i think that your table has no primary key, and you should create a PRIMARY KEY of all fields instead a UNIQUE.

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