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There are several methods on country codes.

I have a list of codes with 3-characters, like on this page:

Is there a simple way to convert them to 2-characters? Like "PT" from "POR" for Portugal.

Standard for 2-characters -


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Good question, but I think you'll have to write one yourself or use some webservice. – Artefacto Aug 11 '10 at 8:27
you have a better chance of getting list or database, which have direct mapping PT->PORTUGAL, if you post this question in then you don't have to do worry about converting 3 char code to 2 char code... – CoderHawk Aug 11 '10 at 8:35

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There is going to be no easy way because there is no particular scheme in the names of the country. For example PT from POR for Portugal and this can be different for other countries as well. You might want to create an array to hold two letters for each country.


$countries = array('PT' => 'Portugal', 'UK' => 'United Kingdom');
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There are some useful data files that you can get from that'll help you:

If you just want to go from 3 letter codes to 2 letter codes you can just flip the first map and use that. You could create a map that goes directly from 3 letter codes to country names by combing the files though. Here's a simple PHP example:

$codes = json_decode(file_get_contents(''), true);
$names = json_decode(file_get_contents(''), true);
$iso3_to_name = array();
foreach($codes as $iso2 => $iso3) {
    $iso3_to_name[$iso3] = $names[$iso2];

echo $names("PL"); // => "Poland"
echo $iso3_to_map("POL"); // => "Poland"
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Call to undefined function json_deocde() – Vladimir Kovpak Jul 29 at 13:52
Sorry, fixed the typo. Should have been json_decode() – Ben Dowling Jul 30 at 7:50
Yep!) Thank you!) – Vladimir Kovpak Jul 30 at 8:11

Without doing an actual lookup, there is no simple way: AFG (Afghanistan) becomes AF, while AND (Andorra) becomes AD, and BLR (Belarus) becomes BY... so you can't do any simple character manipulation to convert.

My suggestion would be to use a countrycode table, or add an extra column to any existing table, so that you hold both codes.

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correct, thats why I recommend posting this question in – CoderHawk Aug 11 '10 at 8:33
Adding an extra column is definatly the best approach – Tom Gullen Aug 11 '10 at 8:42

There is a similar question in gis.stackexchange.
I think you will get more information by posting this questions in gis.

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From what I understood Ignatz needs to convert 'POR' to 'PT', not IP to location – Im0rtality Aug 11 '10 at 8:28
@Im0rtality - yes I know, what if he get PT - PORTUGAL mapping database or list, rather than converting it? thats why I recommended posting this question in GIS. – CoderHawk Aug 11 '10 at 8:32

While this may be a lengthy and painful method, it may very well be worth your while writing a function that you can keep forever more, maybe this can point you in the right direction:

function myCodes($in, $type){
$out = "";
$long = array('portugal', 'united kingdom');
$short = array('pt', 'uk');
$in = strtolower(trim($in));
case 'long':$out = str_replace($short, $long, $in);break;
case 'short':$out = str_replace($long, $short, $in);break;
echo $out;

echo myCodes('United Kingdom', 'short'); //this will echo 'uk'
echo myCodes('UK', 'long'); //this will echo 'united kingdom'


This will of course have a few drawbacks such as making sure that the arrays for long and short match up position wise, and you'll need to maintain the function as well.

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$mapping['POR'] = 'PT';
$shortcode = $mapping[$longcode];

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In ruby you can get this done like this: (get countryInfo.txt from )

require 'csv'
countries_iso3_map = {}
CSV.foreach('countryInfo.txt',:col_sep=>'   ',:row_sep =>:auto) do |row|
   next if row[0][0] == '#' #ignore comments section
   countries_iso3_map[row[0][0,2]]= row[1][0,3]
p countries_iso3_map['PT']
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