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I have the following code which I am submitting to an aspx page

                         url: 'SomeAspxPage',
                         method: 'POST',
                         waitMsg: 'Uploading your file...',
                         isUpload: true, 
                            success: function(fp, o){
                         failure: function(form, action) {
                            form: fp.getForm().getEl().dom

The files get submitted and I can save it ot do whatever. My problem is that even though I set the response content-type to be application/json the browser always opens the 'open file' dialog which contains the json string I am returning. Does anyonw know why this might be?

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You should set content-type as text/html.

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Clearly thats exactly what you shouldnt do. –  Jonnio Jun 2 '11 at 16:50

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