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I need to know if the "Backup Database Task" in MS SQL Management Studio, maintenance plans, takes the free space into account or that it only backsup the data part.

For e.g. if the db size is 100 MB where 60Mb is data and 40Mb is free space. Will take the backup of the whole db of size 100 or that it will take backup of the 60Mb data.

I couldn't find this info on MS site.

MOVED TO: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3457600/microsoft-sql-server-managment-studio-backup-size-goes-negative

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Backing up the database will only backup the actual data not the free space.

Not sure why you have mentioned "Create Database Task" though?

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My bad its "Backup Database Task", in the Maintenance Plans. –  Saky Aug 11 '10 at 10:25

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