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Hy Everybody,

I hope enyone cann explain me how I can save an file on the iPhone

I get the file with NSURL so fare no prob. I'd like to donload the file and work with the donloaded file. But I have no Idea how.

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Check this for downloading: Apple docs

After downloading the file, you will probably have the contents of the file on a NSMutableData.

Check the documentation on NSData, you have a method writeToFile:

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that pretty much worked but the written file is empty. I tried NSKeyedArchiver now the file isn't empty anymore but it just contains signs? What's my fault?!? –  zim Aug 11 '10 at 15:06
Ahh sorry my fault I saved the file at the request not when it's Downloaded. but I still got this at the top of the document: < bplist00ÔT$topX$objectsX$versionY$archiverÑTroot€£ U$nullÒ WNS.dataV$classO(G > what's that anyway and how can I get rid of it and why does it creates a snapshop too?!? –  zim Aug 11 '10 at 15:51

Create NSData with contentsOfURL Now use this data to write in a file. You can create file in the NSHomeDirecotry() using NSFileManager.

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