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How do I do the following in groovy:

while (somethingIsntReady || now.isAfter(before + 5 minutes)) {

Right now I do something like this:

i = 1
while (!finishedFile.exists() && i in 1..300) {

which doesn't seem right in groovy because it's just the way I would do it in java.

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You can use the TimeCategory for these kind of date expressions. Here's an example together with an additional existsUntil method, that has been added to the File class:

import groovy.time.*

File.metaClass.existsUntil { timeout ->
    boolean result;

    while (!(result = delegate.exists()) && new Date().before(timeout)) {

    return result

use( TimeCategory ) {
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Nice use of from.now :) I always forget that bit... –  tim_yates Aug 11 '10 at 13:14
perfect, thanks –  Gaurav Sep 8 '10 at 11:56

Something like this?

def complete = false
use( groovy.time.TimeCategory ) {
  def end = new Date() + 5.seconds
  while( !complete && new Date() < end ) {
    sleep( 1000 )
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