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Is it possible to enable USB debugging (under settings/applications/development) programmatically from within my app?

I was looking at Permission.WRITE_SETTINGS and, but I couldn't find anything appropriate.

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simple curiosity : Why would you like to do that in an app as you need a driver when you connect to a computer? –  Sephy Aug 11 '10 at 12:53
that's not a problem. i'm writing a sync app (java webstart) that will be running on a pre-defined set of computers. users shall be able to sync the phone, but when I hand out the devices to them, it's in non-debug mode. When the users wants to sync, the app shall enable/disable the debug mode, as they user will never exit my app. My app starts on bootup and is set at the default home intent by default. (background: I'm bundling the app with a device, which I then rent out to the user). But the 'sync stations' will be pre-configured and have JRE, Device drivers, etc. already installed. –  Mathias Lin Aug 11 '10 at 13:07
... plus I want to call adb from the sync program... which is why simple usb mounting is not enough (or would require additional workarounds) –  Mathias Lin Aug 11 '10 at 13:29

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You will need root permissions to do so from an app.

That said, it is possible to enable ADB by executing the following terminal commands:

setprop persist.service.adb.enable 1
start adbd

This blog post gives an excellent example of how to execute these commands with escalated permissions through su.

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It's not possible without using your own custom firmware that grants access to the security settings. See thread here:

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This line of code may help:

Settings.Global.putInt(getContentResolver(), Global.ADB_ENABLED, 1);

and you need this permission:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS"/>

but after adding this permission in manifest you will get this error: Permission is only granted to system apps

which means your app must be a system app.

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