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Is it possible to save the result generated from a PHPUnit test as a text file or as a html file so that we can review it later and send it to concerned person through email? Simply my requirement is to save the out put,that we get in an IDE (Netbean or Eclipse) or in the command prompt into a file in the local system(the system where i perform the test) . after searching a long i did not find a required solution. if anybody has a solution please help me.

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Use Jenkins! Then you will have permanent records of console output in a nice GUI. – nonshatter Jul 6 '12 at 13:30
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if you're using the command prompt on unix, couldn't you just use the > to redirect the output to a text file?

phpunit ArrayTest > MyArrayTestOutput.txt

Most IDEs will also let you copy/paste the output of their buffer/terminal to wherever your heart desires.

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thanks for your reply. this solved my problem. for those who are also facing similar problem following line may help.To append further test results we can use ">>" instead of ">" in the above example given by sleepynate . now it would be phpunit ArrayTest >> MyArrayTestOutput.txt. – sidhartha Aug 13 '10 at 13:52

PHPUnit offers three command-line options for saving results to a file also:

phpunit --log-junit results.xml test.php - saves results of test.php as XML file results.xml

phpunit --log-tap - will save as TAP

phpunit --log-json - will save as JSON

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