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i'm using the jquery star widget in our next project, it worked fine for other projects in the past, now it works, but the client has requested specific for these 2 facts:

1) the widget needs 5 stars, split in half as seen on the api 2 page on the website (http://orkans-tmp.22web.net/star_rating/#main-menu=2)

2) they want the big star design as seen in demo's on tab 6 (http://orkans-tmp.22web.net/star_rating/#main-menu=3&demo-tabs=5)

now, upon combining the 2, (big star css, and half star option ({split:2}) the lahout is garbled... it seems like the plugin is giving an 8px width to the elements with jquery, why is this not handled in the css? and how can i solve it without changing the plugin itself (to keep it safe when future updates are done)

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Ok, i fixed this myself,

i have overwritten the default css so it fits our own design.

had to make the space for stars bigger, from 8 to 16px.

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