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I have a Java application and I need to call into a Windows DLL using JNA. The function I need to call actually takes a __int64 (internally it splits this into low/high portions of the FILETIME structure). Given a java.util.Date object, how can I convert it to the appropriate value formatted for a FILETIME?

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JNA provides some static methods on the FILETIME class which is located in the Platform jar.

FILETIME.dateToFileTime( Date date );
FILETIME.filetimeToDate( int high, int low );
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This is how you can do it using Java nio

    BasicFileAttributes attr = Files.readAttributes(filePath, BasicFileAttributes.class);
    DateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy/MM/dd");
    Date d = new Date(attr.creationTime().toMillis()); //attr.creationTime() returns a FileTime             
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Ok, I think I figured it out:

long date = (new Date().getTime() + 11644473600000L) * 10000L;
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