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Amazon has a star rating system. Other sites use smiley faces that change color when you mouse over them. Does anyone know of an API I can get or a simple way to put this together?

This is an ASP.NET 2010 app.

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Presuming it is ASP.NET web-forms you could try using the Rating control in the Ajax Control Tookit. Or you could check out Building a Simple Rating Control for ASP.NET 2.0 tutorial which guides you through all the steps. If you'd rather go the jQuery root then there are plugins to do this, though the back-end data capture and storage would be a bit more tricky in web-forms.

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There are many Star Rating available as controls. From microsoft or codeProject

or css Jquery etc. try Binging/googling it :-)

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i believe you need to look for javascript to solve this...

you can check:


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Telerik has a nice one, if you are looking for commercial software (as opposed to free stuff)

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