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I had wrote an app( android A) and I would like to build. The problem is the following: I had another android project(B), witch I want to start from the "A" one when the user click on an icon. I had added to the "A" build path the "B" project, but it isn't works. As I trying to build the "A" the app going down and said: "Class B not found on com.pack.BMain,".

Any idea or tutorial ? I could not found neither.

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Right click your project > Properties > Android: At the right side of the pop window, find Library part, click Add button to add project you want to reference.

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There are a few things you can try. As you mentioned, make sure B is in A's build path (Right click on A in package explorer, Properties/Java Build Path/Projects/Add). You should also make sure that your run configuration includes both projects. Go to Run Configurations/Your configuration/Plug-ins/ and add A, then hit Add Required Plug-ins, or add B manually. Make sure Validate Plugins returns no errors.

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Hey Dude! I had found the plungins (but not in the run config, there was noting for me) and added as you wrote:( but still don't works! Thank for you advice, I think I made one step forward! – Karoly Aug 11 '10 at 15:24

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