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I have a drop down <select> list of pages in a site, however the structure is quite complicated to go in the list e.g.;

  • Home
  • Projects
    • Category 1
      • Item 1
      • Item 2
      • Item 3
    • Category 2
      • Item 4
      • Item 5
      • Item 6
    • Category 3
      • Item 4
      • Item 5
  • Contact
  • Accessibility
  • Sitemap

What I want to do is say "select a page to link to" and then present the user with a <select> list of the above options. The problem is, <optgroup> isn't nestable, so I was wondering if anyone had a more elegant solution (maybe using Jquery or something) to present the list?

At the moment I am just using multiple &nbsp;'s and &bull;'s (•) to achieve an indented list like the old un-ordered list that we know and love... but it's not ideal.

Also, I don't want to use a tree - it really needs to be a drop down type list for space saving reasons.


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1 Answer

There are several jQuery plugins available which will do the job:

  1. http://www.givainc.com/labs/mcdropdown_jquery_plugin.htm

  2. http://p.sohei.org/jquery-plugins/clickmenu/

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