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I want to align two images of different sizes using Opencv, Indeed the function cvAddWeighted enables us to combine or blend two images of identical sizes which is not my case ! so I need a help if somebody knows how to implement this function with considering the different sizes for images

thanks y.m

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Are you interested in rescaling one image to stay with the same imensions of the other one? – karlphillip Aug 11 '10 at 15:38

First, check Adding Two Images with Different Size.

Another way to do it would be to set the region of interested on the bigger image using the width/heigh of the smaller (cvSetImageROI() will do that), and then perform the blend with cvAddWeighted(). You'll find some source code to do that and here.

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I'm guessing you have two images that need to be aligned. You'll also have the amount one image needs to be displaced by.

You can create a new image that can contain both the images after being displaced. This means, it would be the height of the original image+vertical displacement and its width would be width of original*2-horizontal displacement.

Then you can set ROIs on this image and copy images.

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+1 I am big fan of Aishack....I learnt so many thing from it...Can I get how to get rotation of head in 3d i jest need to know 3-angles... – Wazzzy Dec 7 '11 at 9:15

You write a Rect_from_Mat function which returns Rect(0, 0, img.rows, img.cols).


Rect roi = Rect_from_Mat(img1) & Rect_from_Mat(img2);

Mat img1_roi = img1(roi), img2_roi = img2(roi);
  addWeighted(img1_roi, alpha, img2_roi, beta, gamma, img1_roi);
  return img1;

Note that the 'addWeighted' line will (indirectly) overwrite img1's image data.

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