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I have a Delphi 7 app using ADO/MSDASQL.1 provider and I wonder if it is possible to "log" the SQL queries sent to the DB in a easy way? Just like the SQL profiler in SQL Server?

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Inside your application you can log the commands in TADOConnection.OnWillExecute event, you only have to save the CommandText, but you can also log a lot of other options.

procedure TForm23.ADOConnection1WillExecute(Connection: TADOConnection; var
  CommandText: WideString; var CursorType: TCursorType; var LockType:
  TADOLockType; var CommandType: TCommandType; var ExecuteOptions:
  TExecuteOptions; var EventStatus: TEventStatus; const Command: _Command;
  const Recordset: _Recordset);
   LogToFile( CommandText );
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I can only log selects this way, how i can log other types of queries? –  arthurprs Feb 27 '10 at 16:22

I do something similar, but all my queries go through a single point. It was a simple change to add logging at this point. Another option would be to create a TLogADOQuery class which descends from TADOQuery, and override ExecuteSQL and Open to log the SQL going to the database. You then replace all references to TADOQuery, with your new class.

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