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I want to achieve a very simple effect to scroll divs when pressing an arrow button ... How do i do this?

Basically i have a maximum of 4 divs named:

Slideframe, slideframe1, slideframe2 and slideframe3

I have a PHP variable called count which generates the slideframe content based on a PHP loop which increments a variable called $count.

Therefore the count variable can be between 0 and 3.

I want buttons to scroll divs left and right based on the count variable If the count variable is 0 then no scroll buttons would appear. If the count variable is 1 or 2 then both left and right scroll buttons would be visible and woudl scroll the relevant divs. lastly if count = 3 then only a left arrow would be visible.

this is the javascript i use (in conjunction with jqmin liibary) to move the divs:


 $("#one").click (function(){
          if (navi =1){
 $(".slideframe").animate({opacity: "0.1", left: "-=960"}, 1200);
 $(".slideframe1").animate({ left: "-=960"}, 1200);

"#one" = the id of the left arrow image.

Whats the simplest way of doing all of this?


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There are plenty of existing slider plugins and tutorials for jQuery. I suggest you check out:

13 Super Useful jQuery Content Slider Scripts and Tutorials

25 jQuery Image Gallery/Slider Tutorials and Plugins

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They rarely deal with a seperate php variable and im a complete noob .. i will look at them again though – paul Aug 11 '10 at 16:43
Also i have tried multiple plugins and they never worked how i wanted, thats why i wrote my own up to this point.... – paul Aug 11 '10 at 16:49
I don't think the PHP side is that relevant. Your PHP should just render some HTML (say as an unordered list) that the jQuery then acts upon. – Dan Diplo Aug 11 '10 at 18:40
unfortunatly not, the php renders a loop which draw, dates, time, images. title and text into various divs, to create multi-layed "panes" of data from a CMS..... thats why the <ul> strategies wouldnt work for me (or maybe i just didnt understand enough at the time) – paul Aug 11 '10 at 19:55

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