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As the subject says I want to insert an image into the 2nd column of grid defined with 2 columndefintions.

Programmatically that is???

I cannot see how to select the column using grid.Children.insert(1, img) does not work.


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Image imgControl = new Image();
Grid.SetColumn(imgControl, 1);

Objects contained in a grid are positioned based on the attached dependency properties Column Row ColumnSpan and RowSpan which are set as shown above.

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Shouldn't you first add the Image to the Grid and then set the column? –  Boyan Dec 6 '08 at 11:05
Either way is fine since Column is an AttachedProperty on Grid. You can set that before adding to grid. –  Jobi Joy Dec 7 '08 at 0:01

The row/column index on an element in WPF is an attached property. You set it using a static method on Grid, like this:

Grid.SetColumn(img, 1);

More info here, and more about attached properties here.

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