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When I want to synchronize (svn) a project in Eclipse, I choose 'Team - Synchronize with repository' in the project explorer. The perspective then changes to Team Synchronizing.

Sometimes I need to update/synchronize another project as well.

Is there a fast way to change the active project in the Synchronize perspective, so I don't have to go back first to the other perspective with the php explorer on it?

Why doesn't the synchronize dropdown show all other svn repositories that I have defined??

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I don't know of a way to change projects from the Synchronize perspective, but you can try this instead:

Select multiple projects in the explorer view and right click and select Team -> Synchronize. Now all the projects you selected will be shown in the Synchronize window. From there you can commit and update changes on a per-project basis, or commit changes across multiple projects.

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Found a solution that works. I enabled the PHP explorer (or project explorer) in the Synchronize perspective, so i can switch projects on that perspective without having to go back.

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