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Does anybody know if its possible to have your website run on multiple separate application pools

Some Background I am looking into start a shopping center style site. I intend to set up 100 folders, each folder on the site will be treated as a separate site. http://www.MyShoppingCentre/JohnsMenswear http://www.MyShoppingCentre/GerrysGardeningCenter

I would like to have JohnMenswear running in a separate application pool to GerrysGardeningCenter even though they are both webpages under MyShoppingCentre

Any help gratefully appreciated

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Yes, create "Applications" out of each sub folder. Than the application can have a separate application pool, the same will work for Virtual Directories. Alternately you could also set up sub-domains and map each one to a separate website.

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+1. That's right... –  David Stratton Aug 11 '10 at 21:01

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