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In Android 2.1, to unpair a Bluetooth device you can go to Bluetooth settings, long-click on a device and select Unpair to unpair that device. I want to be able to do this from my application. I can retrieve a list of paired/bonded devices using BluetoothAdapter.getBondedDevices(), but I can't find how to unpair. I've explored the BluetoothChat sample, and I've searched the sdk but still can't find an API that allows this.

How can I unpair a Bluetooth device?

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Here's how you unpair/remove a bonded device call this method where macAddress is the string of the mac address of the device..i.e. "00:02:00:A3:03:05"

IBluetooth ib =getIBluetooth();

To get the IBluetooth Object you need to go through a couple of steps

  1. create a package in your project called android.bluetooth
  2. create two files, IBluetooth.aidl and IBluetoothCallback.aidl
  3. create method in your files called getBluetooth()

    private IBluetooth getIBluetooth() {
    IBluetooth ibt = null;
    try {
        Class c2 = Class.forName("android.os.ServiceManager");
        Method m2 = c2.getDeclaredMethod("getService",String.class);
        IBinder b = (IBinder) m2.invoke(null, "bluetooth");
        Class c3 = Class.forName("android.bluetooth.IBluetooth");
        Class[] s2 = c3.getDeclaredClasses();
        Class c = s2[0];
        Method m = c.getDeclaredMethod("asInterface",IBinder.class);
        ibt = (IBluetooth) m.invoke(null, b);
    } catch (Exception e) {
        Log.e("flowlab", "Erroraco!!! " + e.getMessage());
    return ibt;

    /************ IBluetooth.aidl ************/

    package android.bluetooth;
    import android.bluetooth.IBluetoothCallback;
    import android.os.ParcelUuid;
      * System private API for talking with the Bluetooth service.
      * {@hide}
     interface IBluetooth
       boolean isEnabled();
       int getBluetoothState();
       boolean enable();
       boolean disable(boolean persistSetting);
       String getAddress();
       String getName();
       boolean setName(in String name);
       int getScanMode();
       boolean setScanMode(int mode, int duration);
       int getDiscoverableTimeout();
       boolean setDiscoverableTimeout(int timeout);
       boolean startDiscovery();
       boolean cancelDiscovery();
       boolean isDiscovering();
       boolean createBond(in String address);
       boolean cancelBondProcess(in String address);
       boolean removeBond(in String address);
       String[] listBonds();
       int getBondState(in String address);
       String getRemoteName(in String address);
       int getRemoteClass(in String address);
       ParcelUuid[] getRemoteUuids(in String address);
       boolean fetchRemoteUuids(in String address, in ParcelUuid uuid, in IBluetoothCallback callback);
       int getRemoteServiceChannel(in String address, in ParcelUuid uuid);
       boolean setPin(in String address, in byte[] pin);
       boolean setPasskey(in String address, int passkey);
       boolean setPairingConfirmation(in String address, boolean confirm);
       boolean cancelPairingUserInput(in String address);
       boolean setTrust(in String address, in boolean value);
       boolean getTrustState(in String address);
       int addRfcommServiceRecord(in String serviceName, in ParcelUuid uuid, int channel, IBinder b);
       void removeServiceRecord(int handle);

/************ IBluetoothCallback.aidl ************/

    package android.bluetooth;

     * System private API for Bluetooth service callbacks.
     * {@hide}
    interface IBluetoothCallback
        void onRfcommChannelFound(int channel);
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would you please share this package in one zip file? –  Majid Golshadi Jan 14 '14 at 11:24

Another way:

public void clear(View v) {
    Set<BluetoothDevice> bondedDevices = adapter.getBondedDevices();
    try {
        Class<?> btDeviceInstance =  Class.forName(BluetoothDevice.class.getCanonicalName());
        Method removeBondMethod = btDeviceInstance.getMethod("removeBond");
        String currentMac = getCurrentMAC();
        boolean cleared = false;
                for (BluetoothDevice bluetoothDevice : bondedDevices) {
            String mac = bluetoothDevice.getAddress();
            if(mac.equals(currentMac)) {
                Log.i(TAG,"Cleared Pairing");
                cleared = true;

                if(!cleared) {
            Log.i(TAG,"Not Paired");
    } catch (Throwable th) {
        Log.e(TAG, "Error pairing", th);
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Thanks!!! This worked great for me! Where is the "removeBond(BluetoothDevice device)" method defined? Why do we have to invoke reflection to call this? –  ossys Mar 12 '13 at 16:55

It is possible to unpair a device manually throug droid java.

You can invoke a hidden method to remove the bond.

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Might want to ask this question or search this sight more, but the suggestion I have above is the way I found to programmatically unpair. To manually unpair it you use the Bluettooth program already in the phone. –  JPM Aug 24 '11 at 14:52

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