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I test my app only on local cassini web server, and I get strange thing.

One Index page works right in default manner, second shows 404, but when use full version Controller/Index - works normal. Only difference I found is that in first sample there is no slash in the end, and in second slash exists, but link that points on corrupted is without slash.

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Can you show us your routes? Or even better: Try to use Phil Haack's excellent (and essential) Route Debugger. It will tell you which route(s) are hit for a given request, or if no route is hit at all.


Works only with MVC Beta though, not if you use any older Preview Release of MVC.

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Thanks for RouteDebug, the Problem was because I called Controller by name of one of the directory in the root, like Models, Views and etc!

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+1 for explaining why in case someone else has a similar problem. – tvanfosson Dec 6 '08 at 15:55
This was so helpful. I made this mistake myself and couldn't explain it when compared to another developer machine. – MikeJ Jan 20 '11 at 22:43

if you could post your routings we could help you better, but for now I'd suggest you to debug it using the Routing Debugger.

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