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I have a slideUp menu, which is acting erratically in that sometimes if I flick too quickly across it, it slides up and down maybe 4 or 5 times. At other times, if I hover over it before it's finished loading properly, the menu will slideUp and that becomes its "normal" state so that if I hover over it, it slides down before I have a chance to click any menu items.

Here is the code:

 var opened = false;

   $("#menu_box").animate({"top": "+=97px"}, "200");

   $("#menu_box").animate({"top": "-=97px"}, "200");

  $("#menu_tab .close").toggle();
  opened = !opened;


The code was originally a click function, rather than hover, so I tried amending it to the following:



   $("menu_box").animate({"top": "-=97px"}, "200");


But that just made the menu fade from right to left - not sliding at all.

Where am I going wrong? TIA!

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Can you post a more complete example with the html and JavaScript? Thanks! – Brandon Boone Aug 12 '10 at 2:06
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Fixed it with bind mousenter/mouseleave instead of hover!

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