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When I deploy an application written in Nemerle, is there any DLL file specific for Nemerle that needs to be installed? If there are such DLL files, which are they?

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Optionally Nemerle.dll if you make use of things like "list". Also if you use Nemerle's linq provider then you would need Nemerle.Linq.

In more detail, Nemerle has 4 primary assemblies:

  1. NCC.exe: A thin executable wrapper over Nemerle.Compiler.dll
  2. Nemerle.Compiler.dll: The compiler itself.
  3. Nemerle.dll: A library for things like list[T]
  4. Nemerle.Macros.dll : Macros. Macros embeded in to your program when building so you generally don't need this dll to run your application
  5. (Optional) Nemerle.Linq.dll: It has been considerd if linq macro should be part of Standart Library, but it relies on System.Core which is only for .NET 3.5+. So in order to support .net 2.0, this is an external macro.
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