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I am planning to use FLEE (www.flee.codeplex.com) as my expression evaluator. However, I believe that it is not being maintained.

Does the LGPL add support for converting to another language? (VB->C#)

And, I wan't to add features of .net numerics (specifically some functions)
to this branch of flee. Can I Do that? (.net numerics is MIT/X11)

I would keep the libraries separate and simply provide bindings from .net numerics to Flee.

Is there any license conflict?

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Porting an application that is licensed under LGPL would almost certainly make your ported version a "derivative work" of the original. As long as you license the ported version under the LGPL or GPL, that is perfectly fine.

Since it sounds like you're going to be including the MIT-licensed software libraries separately, without modification, that's also fine. You can (re)distribute LGPL code with MIT code.

Of course, you should probably take this all under the disclaimer that I am not a legal expert. I really don't see any issues with this particular scenario, though.

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