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Am running Eclipse 3.5 and Blackberry eclipse plugin but when I try to create a new Debug configuration, a Java style dialog pops up saying -

cannot find RIMIDEWin32Util.dll

Incidentally, I found that file in this folder in my Blackberry workspace but not sure why it doesn't find it -

C:\Volumes\Data\Code\Blackberry workspace.metadata.plugins\net.rim.eide.bootstrapper\installDlls

Also, when I run as Blackberry Simulator, the Progress for Packaging New_configuration hangs at 9% and then I have to kill and restart Eclipse.

Anyone experience similar issues?

P.S. : Previously, I had an older version of the BB eclipse plugin and things worked fine but this started happening on the new version.

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Hmm... Arunabh Das' solution seems to be the common solution.

However, I've fixed this problem by setting the JAVA_HOME and path variables to point to my x64 Java JDK, and then point my Eclipse to use JDK as the Java reference instead of the JRE.

My system: Win7 64bit Eclipse Indigo 20110916-0149 64bit BB plugin

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Could you give some more information? I'm having this problem and your solution isn't working for me. I'd really like to avoid downgrading to 32-bit if I can avoid it –  Paul Z Mar 15 '12 at 22:06
I can't seem to be able to point Eclipse to JDK for Java reference, since BB project complains that it's not a BB Java environment then... no bonus there :( –  Zathrus Writer Nov 14 '12 at 14:15
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No matter if you're on 32/64 bit, if you are using Eclipse, just ensure using a 32bit version, both for Eclipse and JDK 6

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