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C#: can you instantiate objects via a Property setter?


private List<MyObject> myList;
public List<MyObject> MyListProperty { get {return myList;} set {myList = value;} }


MyListProperty = new List<MyObject>();
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Your property MyListProperty is missing a type specifier. –  strager Aug 12 '10 at 4:18

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Yes, that is perfectly valid.
In the line MyListProperty = new List<MyObject>(); you do not "instantiate objects via a Property setter". First, you instantiate a new list, and then you set MyListProperty to the list you've created. It is equivalent to:

List<MyObject> myObjectList = new List<MyObject>();
MyListProperty = myObjectList;

Next, if you want your code to compile you should specify the type of your property:

public List<MyObject> MyListProperty
     get {return myList;}
     set {myList = value;}
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