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I am doing integration testing of my system with a 3rd party web service. They have provided the WSDL and the XML soap response packets but the web service hasn't been built yet. I am using WCF to call the web service.

Any suggestions on how to write the end-point to send back the response contained in the XML file?

I know I can generate the service side from the WSDL but I'd like to verify the integration using the supplied XML packets.

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I'm sure there's a more technical way, maybe using an interceptor to replace the soap response form your mock service, but a quick hack might be to just create the Mock service with SvcUtil, and grab your own SOAP response off the wire with fiddler or wireshark and compare the responses.

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I think SOAP UI serves your purpose. Using SOAP UI you can have a dynamic behavior to the service you want to mock. For example you might want to:

Read some data in a request and use its value to select which response to return

You can also virtualize the services multiple SOAP request and response very well using ITKO/CA LISA.

LISA will record live service requests and responses, and create a virtual test bed to remove the team's dependency on live, connected systems or fully replicated test beds

You can also mock using concrete WSDL of target system using LISA

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I'm not sure this is answering the OP's question. Specifically - how does your proposal answer: "Any suggestions on how to write the end-point to send back the response contained in the XML file?". Perhaps you could explain/elucidate? – Stewart_R Nov 29 '14 at 23:54

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