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On AS400 in interactive SQL in a 5250 session,

select * from myfile

returns rows from one member only when myfile has more than one member.

How can I get rows from a specific member?

Important: in the end I'd like to do this over JDBC with jt400 so really I want a solution that'll work there.


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The 17% under your name means that you have only accepted 17% of the answers to your questions. You never accepted an answer to this question either. Many people will stop answering your questions if you don't give them credit for their work. – Ryan Guill Jun 11 '10 at 17:19

You can create an alias using the create alias command:

CREATE ALIAS myLibrary/myAlias FOR memberLibrary/memberFile(memberName)

This will allow you to run sql against that member using the alias like you would any other file:

SELECT * FROM myLibrary/myAlias

Just remember that the alias will stick around after your session, they are not temporary. So if you wont need the alias when you are done, either create the alias in QTEMP or explicitly drop the alias once you are done with it:

DROP ALIAS myLibrary/myAlias


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Thank you! I knew it could be down, now all I need is to query all the members. – JustinKaz Sep 29 '10 at 16:12
@tmtest this answer should be accepted – Eric Belair Dec 7 '12 at 15:56

Create an SQL alias for the member and query the alias, see this page for an example.

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SQL Alias

OS/400 R430 and later support an SQL alias statement. Create an alias for each member that must be accessed, then reference the alias from the application. The alias is a persistent object -- it must be created only once. The member referenced in the CREATE ALIAS does not have to exist when the ALIAS is created. Any SQL tool, such as OS/400 or i5/OS interactive SQL (STRSQL) or iSeries Navigator's Run SQL Scripts, can be used to create the alias, for example:


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