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I have been trying to use the UIDatePicker, both trying to make my own projects and also trying to use tutorials from Wrox.

The problem is as soon as i have a UIDatePicker in my project, the xib file generates the error "Unknown char: .". It doesn't matter which SDK version or minimum OS version I choose in the solutions build options. And i don't have to create any outlets or write any code, so I have ruled out crappy code. ;) As soon as I use the datepicker in my xib file, I can't compile it anymore.

I installed Apple SDK, Mono, MonoTouch and MonoDevelop just a couple of days ago, so the software should be all the latest. Also: I get this error on two different Macs.

Is this a bug or a user error? :O

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having the same problem with NSTableView when using MonoMac. –  Simon Söderman Aug 15 '10 at 16:04

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You might want to post a bug report to bugzilla.novell.com with the attached sample.

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