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Is an SCJP certificate worthwhile?

Apart from getting an in-depth knowledge of Java, How does SCJP help while applying for a job? How much of an impact does it carry?

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Passing SCJP doesn't really quantify the knowledge or experience on the subject. But yeah with so many people with Java experience in the industry, we tend to shortlist candidates based on their test scores.

If you have a good score, chances of getting shortlisted is high compared to others.

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To put it simple: if 2 people with the same experience, .. apply for a job and one of them has a SCJP, he's most likely to get the job.

Basically, it indicates to the persons interviewing you that you HAVE the in-depth knowledge of JAVA this certificate offers.

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It is non-trivial to pass the SCJP. Hence you demonstrate both knowledge and dedication.

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This topic has already been discused in Is SCJP Worthwile and in general Technical certifications improve programming.

IMHO it can give you solid fundations of Java and it will save you a lot of time spend on browsing javadoc and figuring out corner cases.

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