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I noticed that Flash allows you to insert cue's into a video file (flv). Is something like this possible on Android? I have a video that runs locally in my Android app and I would like to insert cues into the video which will give me callbacks when a certain portion of the video has been reached. If this is not possible, are there any other methods to do something similar? I have to be pretty precise with where the cue is located.


I just found this same question on stackoverflow. Can anyone verify that this is still the case? (That it is not possible, only by polling the video continually). I did know of this way, but it's not the most accurate way if you need to be precise and stich dynamic pieces of video together seamlessly.


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Have you tried running your video in a FrameLayout and addind the cue in a TextView at the bottom of the screen? – Sephy Aug 12 '10 at 8:08
Woops I think perhaps I miscommunicated the point. I want to put the cues into the video before the app is launched (not during). I only want the cues to help me trigger events depending on where in the video we are. For example, when one of the scenes in the video ends, I want to show a popup with information. – justinl Aug 12 '10 at 8:42

I´m working on this as well and a kind of cue/action scripts. For tutorials, instruction video I need to keep track of current position to serve for example questions and navigation menus appropriate for that point in time. Easy when it´s sufficient to act in response to user input but otherwise firing up a thread to poll at some decent interval is the thing. Accuracy might be acceptable and can be calibrated by sensing actual position.

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