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I am currently reading about IPC on Windows, and I would like to seek some opinions and recommendations for implementing the following system, which I think is probably quite typical! :)

Clients generates in-memory data at a maximum rate of about 1kb/sec. Ideally, the IPC implementation allows clients to dump these data to a temporary dumping location with fast I/O (most likely RAM) and then move on with their other tasks ASAP. The server would then pop the data out from the temporary dumping location and then write it to some persistent storage, using relatively slower I/O. The goal is for clients to make a quick dump-and-go, and then let the server do the slow data saving work.

Just writing the above description already seems to suggest that Shared Memory is the way to go. Or are the some other Windows-specific mechanisms that can achieve what I need?

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I found the answer in another post: how-to-design-multithreaded-application

In that post, Remus Rusanu points to a series of articles on how to build high performance Windows applications. It looks like a Must Read for people wanting to implement high performance multithreaded servers on Windows.

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