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Expected Output:


Using C#3.0

I solved by using string functions(split,then appending etc.)

Looking for more niche solution(like regular expression)


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This sounds interesting: quanttec.com/fparsec –  Tuomas Hietanen Aug 12 '10 at 8:34

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var output = Regex.Replace(input, @"X\(([A-Z]+)\)~([A-Z]+)", "$1(curr=$2)");

This will replace all occurrences of X(something1)~something2 with something1(curr=something2). All "something"s are assumed to be sequences of uppercase characters.

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A possible solution using regex. It's not the cleanest, but you could go from here.

string process(string s)
    string ret = "";
    System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex r = new Regex(@"X\(([A-Z]+)\)~([^,]+)\,?");
    bool first = true;
    foreach (Match m in r.Matches(s))
        ret += (first ? "" : ",") + m.Groups[1] + "(curr=" + m.Groups[2] + ")";
        first = false;
    return ret;
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