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Is there any API provided by Indian Railways to search its train network, time-tables etc. There are many sites out there which show time-table etc. I searched Google but couldn't find any info on Web services or APIs provided by Railways. Is data scraping the only way?

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View the source code of their web page ... developers are used to put in there names for every change they make there !!.. call them and ask :) – Gopi Aug 12 '10 at 8:56

You need to be a big shot to use their api ( i can't understand why you need to show a turnover of Rs 5 crores to use their API )

Indian Railways opened up it’s ticket booking APIs a few weeks back and here are some fine prints that you need to understand:

* Must have minimum annual turnover (i.e. Gross transaction value) of Rs.5 crore in last financial year from Travel business.
* The OTA will be required to submit a one time non refundable deposit of Rs. 20 lakh once the proposal is approved by IRCTC. 

Here is their address: The Group General Manager/ITS Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd., Ist Floor, Internet Ticketing center, IRCA Building State Entry Road New Delhi-110055. Ph-011 23741113 / 23345804,05 Ext- 614,621,620,619 e-mail id – eoi@irctc.co.in

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simply ridiculous. Any change till this day? – IsmailS May 1 '15 at 12:04

Now railway API is available. Please visit http://www.railwayapi.com/

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